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November 20th, 2015

Share the Health! FoodHotIssue NYC Superfood Box Giveaway

Posted by: Lorraine Arteaga

It's no secret we LOVE Superfoods! Who wouldn't love to get a power boost of nutrition in a single serving! That's why we are doind this awesome deto

Food Hot Issue NYC is all about sharing the health, either with our quality snacks or our leading brand of supplements. With the amount of options ranging from Chia Seeds to Spirulina, the combinations are limitless!  That's why 1 lucky health foodie will be winning our After Thanksgiving Feast: Superfood Snack Box! Have you been curious to see what everyone is raving about?

What's included?

  • Pure Hawaiian All Natural Spirulina pacifica 400 Tablets:  Energy Boost and oh so much more!
  • Baobest Baobab Powder 7 oz:  Bursting with Antioxidants, Fiber, and an Immune System Booster
  • Navitas USDA Organic Goji Berries Himalayan Superfruit 16 oz:  High in Vitamins A and C, filled with Iron
  • Navitas USDA Organic Chia Seeds Aztec Superfood 16 oz:  Omega Fatty Acids, Protein and Filled with Fiber
This entire Supplement Powerhouse Retails for $70!

Contest ends on Monday November 30th, 2015. The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday on our Facebook and Twitter!

Good Luck! 

 a FoodHotIssue Superfood Giveaway

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November 11th, 2015

Finding Balance During the Holidays

Posted by: Lorraine Arteaga

The Holiday season for most of us means mom's breaking out the recipes and dishes we loved while growing up, sitting around a neatly decorated dinner table and enjoying the best of what the season has to offer, family and food.  As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, health and fitness enthusiasts everywhere start mentally preparing themselves to adjust their daily diets of lean proteins and veggies, in exchange for rich, fatty foods and of course a ton of dessert options. Though the temptation will be stronger than ever, especially in this "picture first then eat" culture using social media platforms like  Instagram and Facebook to greater induce hunger, setting up a game plan on how to fight off the urge to feast on foods that counter-act our efforts at the gym is key.

It's all about finding the right resources! 
It's safe to say that being a foodie has never been more popularized. With thousands of food blogs and recipes being published online, we completely understand how difficult it can be to filter all that information in a realistic amount of time, that most of us don't have!  We are constantly reading up on the latest food trends and here are just a few websites we like to refer to daily to keep us up to date with what health foods can nourish our mind body and soul:

MindBodyGreen:  Perhaps one of the best resources we treasure in the Natural Wellness world, with topics going in full depth when it comes to food, health, fitness, current affairs, relationships and so much more, we consider them to be on top of their game!  Their articles cater to all current diet trends from Gluten-Free to Vegan and everything in between, investigating and offering feedback from top nutritionists and fitness leaders around the country. We cannot get enough of them and the fascinating resources they offer their readers!

Greatist:  If you're looking for an incredibly real, hilarious and legit place to feed your curiosity on what's going on with certain health foods and nutritional information, look no further then this super helpful site. Taking a much more relatable approach when it comes to the struggle a lot of us feel when it comes to our health, their team have compiled articles that relate to the modern day employee who works countless hours, has a million responsibilities, and still wants to make time for achieving personal health goals. We cannot count how many times we salivated at their EAT section articles! If you need the best when it comes to health focused holiday recipes, this is your new best friend. 

Super Healthy Kids:   We can't forget about the little ones to keep healthy during the holiday season! All moms know, that even though the dinner table can be filled with some of the most time-consuming recipes, if it does not appeal to your little ones new favorite "food of the week", they will not eat it! What's even more probable is that they will opt for the high in sugar, visually satisfying foods.  If  you're searching for fun, creative yet still very nutritious ways to get your kids excited for Thanksgiving , Moms look no further. Have your children eating vegetables galore in no time!

Those are our top secret weapons when it comes to choosing the NonGMO, Vegan, Gluten Free snack options families are searching for.  If you are in the hunt for healthy holiday recipe alternatives, these 3 websites alone can make a huge difference on how far away you'll be from your New Years' Resolution. The best piece of wisdom we have acquired amidst all these health and fitness forums is to take it day by day, making a small step towards your goals every chance you get. Find the tools that keep you the most motivated and stick to them! 



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November 4th, 2015

Should YOU go Gluten Free?

Posted by: Lorraine Arteaga

In the past years, there has been a growing availability of gluten free foods in order to meet the demands of the ever increasing gluten-intolerant consumer searching for variety, from savory to sweet and all that's in between. What has surprised us is the amount of people who can consume gluten but have chosen to omit foods such as pasta, rice and bread for the apparent health benefits of following a gluten free diet.  Well known nutritional supplement and vitamin companies have now updated their product packaging to display "Gluten Free" only to greater ensure celiac sufferers that they are safely shopping in a market acknowledging the increased presence of this modern food allergy.

What is Gluten and why does it harm those who have Celiac's disease?
Gluten can be best described as type of protein commonly found in wheat.  The immune system of a person with Celiac's disease responds to this protein in the digestive system by damaging the small intestine, specifically the villi.  These tiny fingerlike protrusions are incredibly vital in absorbing the nutrients in all the foods we consume and supplying this to our bloodstream. However, a person who's intestinal villi has been destroyed by gluten, can react with symptoms of mal-nourishment, essentially staving the body from the essential nutrients it requires to survive. 

Identifying a possible gluten-allergy can save a life! So why doesn't everybody stop eating wheat protein? If it harms a good percentage of the public wouldn't we all benefit more from adopting a gluten free lifestyle?  The answer has a lot to do with what we choose to put into our carts at the grocery store!  That is why the Non-GMO project is so important to many "fresh and real" food enthusiast, since they advocate labeling all the ingredients we commonly purchase and having those ingredients be free of chemicals, especially with the massive rate at which wheat is consumed. 

Luckily going gluten free is now easier than ever, with so many resources and companies willing to offer verified gluten free food products that are quick to identify and actually taste no different, even better than their GMO, gluten containing counterpart!  The transition, though may seem incredibly limiting and flavorless at first, is only an invitation to further empower yourself with knowledge about what you are putting into your diet. Make it a family activity to explore healthier recipes with gluten-free products and snacks!

That's why our Snack Box manifesto is, "healthier snack alternatives that are accessible and affordable for everyone!" Besides having snack boxes that are dairy free/vegan, nut-free, and organic, what stands out most about our snack inventory is that they're mainly gluten free. Browse through our website, and have a box handy at the office or in your car for that crazy commuter life we all seem to be in! Food is fuel for life! 



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October 28th, 2015

Superfood Detox: After the Sugar Rush

Posted by: James Oh

October can defintely be considered the "quiet before the storm" when it comes to the Holiday Season and the tremendous amount of foods we love looking forward to sharing with our loved ones. But as we all learn through our long journey of trying to find the perfect balance when it comes to the foods we eat for pleasure and the foods we eat for fueling our bodies, we all need a detox period where we can techincally "heal" and restore our bodies to its optimal health.  So here at FoodHotIssue NYC we decided to talk about what has been declared as the BEST Superfood by the United Nations:  Spirulina

  • Enery Booster:  Containing high concentraions of complete B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin K, as well as higher levels of protein compared to poultry, this mega superfood helps boost and maintain both mental and physical endurance. Can also be consumed before and duirng workouts due to it's high levels of nitric oxide
  • Boosts Immunity:  Promotoes cell regeneration or, helping the cells within our body heal and recover quicker. Spirulina can be taken as a preventative supplement to help the body fight against colds and the flu.
  • Cardiovascular and Eye Health:  Rich in Vitamin A, a vital nutrient for healthy eyes, and found to have 10 times more the concentration compared to carrots! Linolenic acid, found in Omega-3 supplements, are also found in high concentrations and  known to aid in maintaining a healthy blood circulation.
  • Weight Management:  Helps the body eliminate waste, by reducing stress on the digestive system with high levels of healthy bacteria. Controls appetite and cravings as well. 
  • Natural Detox:  Spirulina contains high levels of chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifying agent that helps remove toxins from the blood. A perfect antioxidant having four times more the potency compared to  blueberries
  • Benefits for Women:  Gamma-linolenic acid, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent can help ease symptons of PMS. Naturally strengthens skin, hair, nails, and bones. 
Spirulina is safe to be consumed by vegans and people with gluten intolerances, providing the essential nutrients needed despite dietary restrictions. So if you're searching for that natural supplement to intensify your workouts, help with weightloss goals, or want to add a scoop to your favorite green smoothie recipe, a daily serving of spirulina is probably all you need! Browse through our supplement section and save big on our top brand vitamins. Now, who's ready for a green smoothie?

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October 23rd, 2015

No Tricks, Just Treats

Posted by: Lorraine Arteaga

Once we are into late October, you can already feel the excitement building for the most awaited holiday by our kids; Halloween! As a parent you know this means getting to the costume store before the only things left are puppies and kitten costumes and not your child’s favorite cartoon character from their favorite movie or show. I mean, Frozen has pretty much dominated the Holiday with little adorable Elsas, Annas and Olafs running everywhere, we can’t handle the cuteness! 

But let’s not forget the other main attraction, the candy!  It’s the one time a year the sugar overload is overlooked and parents let their kids enjoy the season. However, many parents now have an additional concern, food allergies. With so many alternative treats to hand out at your doorstep, with the right resources, we can ensure that this Halloween can be fun and exciting for all kids!
So let’s start with an incredibly useful list of Halloween treat alternatives that will keep the neighborhood children coming back to your door!  If you are interested in still keeping the tradition of handing out treats, but still want to be on the safer sides, our snack bundles cater to 9 different dietary restrictions. Our best seller during this time of year is the Nut-Free Snack bundle, with nuts and tree nuts being the most prevalent and dangerous food allergy, we have worked towards creating a bundle containing the best there is to offer when it comes to nut-free snacks.

 The Food Allergy Research and Education organization started the now widely popular #TealPumpkinProject, where families can place decorated teal pumpkins at their front doors to let parents and children know they have non-food treats or allergy safe treats to distribute.  One treat we are especially proud of to have in our inventory is the Don’t Go Nuts snack bars, in flavors like Extreme Brownie with White Chocolate tracks and S’more Crunch with S’more White Chocolate.  Increasing food allergy awareness can help ensure our kids can enjoy the sweetness of Halloween without worry! 


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October 16th, 2015

Anti-Aging Neo-Cell Collagen article

Posted by: James

Here at Food Hot Issue, we have noticed a spiked interest in the women’s skin care supplements market. With more and more millennials taking interest in a more natural approach we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about one of the best kept secrets in the natural beauty care world: collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body. The peptides Type 1&3 specifically support the collagen that is found in skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Most supplements optimize the body’s absorption rate of collagen by adding Vitamin C, a complimenting supplement.

Known most commonly as “the anti-aging protein”, here are the most sought after results from the regular consumption of collagen:

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skins elasticity
  • Repairs damaged nail beds
  • Slows down hair loss
  • Improves hairs elasticity
  • Helps build lean muscles that burns fat while you sleep
There are so many external factors in our environment that naturally strip the youthful vitality from our skin and scientists are confirming that taking preventative steps such as adding a daily dose of collagen into your diet can help slow down the aging process.

The most common question asked is, what is the difference between collagen Type 1 & 3 versus collagen Type 2? The protein composing nineteen of the amino acids responsible for the growth and maintenance of the body’s skin and muscle is found in Types 1 & 3. Taking these two Types together simply boost effectiveness of the collagen during the day. Type 2 collagen is recommended to be taken at night for better absorption.

Visit our Vitamins section on our website to experience the benefits of this popular beauty supplement at incredibly wallet-friendly prices 

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October 6th, 2015

Vegan/Gluten free October Recipe

Posted by: Lorraine Arteaga

As the winter months start rolling in, foodies everywhere start rejoicing at the endless recipes meant to nurture your mind body and soul on a cold night. We are all about comfort food here but we are all about healthier alternatives too!

You can imagine how excited we got when we tried a recipe for Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese made with butternut squash and sweet potatoes!

Health Benefits of Butter Nut Squash:

  • Contains High levels of Vitamin A, Potassium, and Fiber and more magnesium than a banana!
  • Beta-carotene, powerful antioxidant, helps in the prevention of asthma
  • Low calorie index • 0 grams of fat , 1.8 grams of protein ( 1 cooked cup)
  • Contains daily recommended levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6
  • Decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  • Contributes to a healthy skin complexion
  • Healthier hair • Increases energy
  • Weight management
  • Boosts immune system
We can go on and on about this mega-squash and its powerful properties but we just got really hungry, so here is what you’ll need! INGREDIENTS:
Half of a butternut squash
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 cup of diced yellow onions
  • Minced garlic
  • Ground paprika
  • Salt ( use to liking)
  • ½ cup of vegetable broth
  • Your choice of ground pepper
  • I cup of coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, to taste
  • And of course, your choice of gluten free pasta, preferably penne style

  • First place pasta to boil until al dente. Then, fill a large pot 2/3 full with water on high heat. Add squash and sweet potato, then boil until veggies are fork tender, then drain.
  • Place a sauté pan over medium heat, adding olive oil when hot
  • Add onions then cook until soft and later adding garlic, and spices of your choice
  • Remove from heat
  • In a blender, pour in the veggie broth, sautéed onions, coconut milk, squash/sweet potatoes, and soy sauce to taste.
  • Blend until smooth and then pour over pasta!
In this recipe we used less vegetable broth to make the sauce the heavier but feel free to add more for a lot more sauce!

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September 28th, 2015

Exercise for Your Mind

Posted by: Jane Brady

With so many diet trends we are now seeing, whether it be for reversing toxic health conditions or to help maintain or achieve a healthier weight, it’s hard to overlook the fact that food is always the hot topic of discussion. What to eat, how many calories, carbs, sugars, fibers, the nutritional facts about what we are putting into our bodies have never been so scrutinized; and healthier, more knowledgeable families are the results! What has also experienced a spike is finding a workout activity that you can actually enjoy while simultaneously challenging your body. Yoga, spin classes, and cross-fit are just a few of the popular “get-moving” activities that even busy parents are making sure to find time for. Health enthusiasts all agree, that a balanced diet accompanied by a stimulating workout regimen create the desired results for all those who are the long journey of achieving the best version of you.
Besides the most important, which is overall physical health and an increased amount of energy to take on the many responsibilities of your day, regular exercise has been proven to improve how we handle stress triggering factors in our lives. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise will:
  • Help reduce fatigue
  • Increase mental alertness and concentration
  • Produce endorphins!
– Hormones sent out into the brain and nervous system during physical activity that act as a natural pain killer.
– The same effects are achieved in massage therapy, meditation and acupuncture.
  • Lowers tension
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Improve self esteem
  • Reduces anxiety
One of the main benefits of living healthy active lifestyles is overall cognitive function. Scientists have even acknowledged how exercising helps with aging, and “keeping the brain young”.
To help you get a head start on your workout regimen, visit our superfoods page and shop our Sambazon organic free-dried acai powder as well as our Navitas Naturals organic acai powder, great supplements to have for your health goals this year.

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September 1st, 2015

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cereal with Chia Seeds

Posted by: Lorraine Arteaga

While there are definitely endless options when it comes to making the healthiest breakfast entrée for you and your family, there are definitely some items that should remain consistently a part of your daily meal preparations. One of them is the versatile chia seed. Here are just a few benefits of adding chia seeds to your balanced diet:
  • Reduces glucose levels and sugar cravings
  • Reduces hunger, ideal for weight loss program
  • Helps you feel energized
  • Pre-workout enhancer
  • Improves endurance
  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Two tablespoons contains 11 grams of fiber
Chia Seeds have a neutral flavor which makes it easy to add to practically anything, from smoothies, drinks, and hot cereals. Chia seeds can also be ground into flour and used in baking recipes as an alternative for people with gluten allergies. Since the texture of chia seeds changes and expands when added to liquids (almost to the consistency of pudding!) nutritionists have found it ideal for keeping your appetite satiated longer in between meals.
This week in our Food Hot Issue kitchen, we tried a delicious recipe using the Glutenfreeda Apple Cinnamon with Flax instant oatmeal but with a few added fresh ingredients that are now in season. We added honey crisp apples along with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, which is a natural ailment in helping to lower blood sugar as well as help with muscle spasms, digestion issues and even the common cold. For an added nutritional bonus, add chia seeds for a hearty and very filling start to your day!

  • 2 tbsp. of chia seeds
  • Single serving packet of instant oatmeal
  • Your choice of either hot water or milk
  • 1 honey crisp apple (in season)
  • Ground cinnamon
Serves 1

Soak the chia seeds, anywhere between 1 hour to an entire day. Empty contents of packet into bowl then add ½ cup of boiling water or milk for a creamier oatmeal. Add chia seeds and stir. Let sit for 2 minutes. Then, cut the apples to preferences, we opted for thin slices. Sprinkle as much ground cinnamon and enjoy. 

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August 26th, 2015

Baobab Fruit Powder, Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidant

Posted by: Food Hot Issue

The first thing you look for when searching for a superfood to boost your diet is probably the famous acai fruit or maybe the exotic goji berry but not until recently did health enthusiasts find out about mother nature’s best kept antioxidant secret, the baobab tree. Perhaps one of the most beautifully preserved, unprocessed superfood in nature, baobab also happens to taste great while packing a serious punch in the nutrition factor too! Here are just a few health benefits of adding baobab fruit to your daily diet:
  • High levels of soluble fiber: Soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar by extending the amount of time the stomach empties causing the timely release of sugar throughout the body.
  • Essential Minerals: Super packed with iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. By adding this to post workout smoothie, these minerals help to replenish and nourish your body the best way.
  • Immune and Nervous system booster: High levels of vitamin C from just one tablespoon for maintenance, 2 tablespoons to stay energized throughout your day! Potassium boosts your nervous system which aids in regulating a diet that is high in coffee, cola, alcohol and salt.
  • Gluten free.
  • Keeps you hydrated: the fine powder can be easily blended into water or, like many prefer to do, add a few scoops to a protein or nutritional smoothie.

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August 24th, 2015

The A B C’s of Back to School Nutrition, with Food Hot Issue

Posted by: Food Hot Issue

Ah, yes it’s that time of year again when summer starts winding down and school’s start getting ready to welcome our children’s bright smiles back in for another academic year to come. But every parent knows that back to school means shopping trips and restarting the daily routine of getting our kids eating healthier and dressed for the day’s adventure.

The most important task that parents have is providing the fuel children need to keep them focused and energized for the many months to come. 

With the increasing availability of foods high in sugar, fat, and hydrogenated oils, it has become a challenge to find breakfast options that are affordable but not damaging to a developing child’s health.  There are however options that not only provide your essential nutrients to keep the little ones powering through their day, but also taste great and can fit into your budget. 

Food Hot Issue offers tasty breakfast cereals jam packed with nutrition as well as children’s multivitamins that parents can give as a school snack on-the-go

Here are a few key ingredients to look for on your next back-to-school shopping trip:

  • Vitamins A B C and D:    These key vitamins provide the foundation for the healthy development of children. Vitamin A is also known as retinol, aids in vision.  B vitamins is essential to mental and emotional well-being. Vitamin C helps to support the immune system, especially important when children in schools. Vitamin D is generated in the body when our skin is exposed to sunlight. The “sunshine vitamin” helps our bodies absorb calcium, enabling bones and teeth to grow properly.
  • Whole Grains:     Whole grains have high levels of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that children that begin eating whole grains early, tend to develop a preference for those flavors for a lifetime of healthy eating. They also help control blood sugar levels
  • Omegas 3 6 9:    These are essential fatty acids, commonly found in nuts and fish oils.  Omegas are key players for the development and health of the brain, heart, nervous system, tissues, skin and immune system. Omega-3, or DHA, has been proven to be vital for children in school. Omega-3 can be found in cold-water fish like salmon, tuna, but also in dark leafy greens and walnuts. 
Follow these key nutrition guidelines in all your shopping trips and your family will thank you as well as your children’s teachers!  

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August 19th, 2015

Benefits of organic food for children

Posted by: Food Hot Issue

We’ve all heard of the great things that organic food can do for us - but what can it do for our children?

Below is a list of the benefits for the kids!

  • More nutrients
Organic fruits and vegetables contain 50% more antioxidants and can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  • Better taste
The taste difference is superior compared to conventional produce. With children (who we all know can be picky eaters), this alone is all the reason for parents to start serving organic food
  • Safer for Babies and Children
Not only is organic food safer for babies and children, it has been scientifically proven to decrease the chances of illnesses significantly There have been talks that genetically modified (GM) food causes allergies and decrease your immune system. Organic food stores don’t sell genetically modified food (GMO). At Food Hot Issue, our products are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the industry standard in containing only the best and safest ingredients for you and your loved ones.

Feel free to browse through Food Hot Issues extensive collection of organic foods and GMO free items and contact us with any questions!

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August 18th, 2015

Radiation – How much do you know?

Posted by: Food Hot Issue

The recent tragedy which happened in Japan has shed some knowledge and have come to alert
everyone that radiation is real and can affect the daily lives of individuals in their daily cycles.

Educate, understand and share the knowledge! Below is the top 5 ingredients of a healthy diet during radiation therapy.

1. Listen to your body

Most patients experience little or no side effects but there are instances where the body reacts – nausea/vomiting, lack of appetite, difficulty swallowing etc. Listen to what your body is telling you and talk to your doctor. Switching to a bland diet or adding flavorful foods to your meals are ways to adjust according to what your body is telling you.

2. Be Prepared and stock up on healthy foods

Food hot issue offers Baobab Fruit Powder, Organic Acai Powder that are an excellent source of Immune Boost. Stock up your pantry with organic, healthy foods and start making a positive change today.

3. Eat Nutrient-Dense Meals

Remember the following foods:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk and milk products
  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins
  • Avoid & Reduce: Salt, sugars, solid fats and alcohol
Simply following these steps alone will help tremendously in improving your daily life cycle.

4. Break the rules

Switch things up and create new rules. Keeping a good diet during your radiation therapy may mean throwing your regular meal rules out and making up your own. There are various things you can do to switch things up during your therapy”
  • Change your traditional mealtimes and expand the time for a long-established meal
  • Don’t stick to general conception. Having breakfast food for dinner or the other way around - don’t limit the type of healthy foods you eat based on the time of the day. Food Hot Issue has many different snacks and foods that is healthy and can be eaten right away.

5. Drink plenty of liquids

Water is the best but feel free to switch things up and adding soups, fruit shakes as well as teas into your liquid diet as well.

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August 14th, 2015

Smog – Not an allergen but an irritant

Posted by: Food Hot Issue

Contrary to belief by many people, Smog is NOT an allergen but an irritant. For individuals who
suffer from allergies and asthma, Smog can make it difficult for them to breath and can also be bad
for their health as well. 

Smog is a variety of pollutants that are present in our air and these can aggravate asthma and
allergy symptoms for people who already suffer from allergies and asthma already. In recent years,
air pollution has declined somewhat, but a 2010 report from the American Lung Association says
that more than 175 million people - about 58% of the population - still live where pollution levels
frequently make it difficult for some people to breathe. 

So what can you do to protect yourself from Smog? There are various methods that we at Food Hot Issue recommend:

  1. Keep an eye on the daily air quality index – as cumbersome as this maybe, it will definitely alert you on those days that you can avoid from having to go outside and if possible, try to stay indoors on really bad days and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.
  2. If you have to go outside on a poor air index day, protect yourself. Cover yourself with a mask to filter out irritants and try to go out in the morning instead if possible.
  3. Outdoor pollution can come indoors as well so check to ensure that your air conditioner and heater has good filter screens to limit the amount of particulates
  4. Keep your immune system strong! Women's One Multivitamin  and Men's One Multivitamin from Food Hot Issue is an excellent source of daily multivitamin etc.