About us


“We believe that investing in your health is the best gift you can give, to not only yourself, but the friends and family around you. That is why Madly Organic is so committed to providing our health conscious consumers with valuable information about organic food based supplements and organic children’s products.  We know the modern family can benefit from our quality selection of baby care products, like wholesome foods and natural children’s vitamins.  Our mission is to create happy healthier homes not only for our consumers but for Madly Organic team as well.”


Our Mission

Since 2013, the Madly Organic family has been working on ways to bring healthier food alternatives closer to the modern family’s home. But most importantly, making sure these snacks still taste good will making you feel good about your food choices.  We understand that there is so much information out there when it comes to food that can either benefit you or harm your health and wellness goals.
That’s why we are here!  Our leading team of organic food trend specialists enthusiastically embrace a natural and organic lifestyle, making it our passion to do the research for you.  We put these snacks together and send them to your home, knowing that we have sent the best there is to offer.

Benefits of investing in you

  • Take charge of your life and feel good about the choices you make.
  • Gain energy and feel more fit.
  • Experience improved physical health.
  • Gain a positive outlook and find more enjoyment in your life.
  • Be a role model for your family and friends.

Our Goals: Do what we LOVE

What you eat is important to us! Finding the perfect, balanced diet could change your life in so many amazing ways and we would want nothing more than to bring to table all the wonderful products we find and that we all have grown to love and can’t live without.  Just as passionate as we are about taking care of our own families’ health, we want to take care you.   Madly Organic.com wants to you to feel secure and reassured about the quality of our products.  Our motto is simple:  Real foods for real people. No artificial food additives. 

Our Selection

We take our responsibility seriously, knowing that our standards not only determine what goes on our list, but also influence the way that organic food industry as a whole. The bottom line is the careful evaluation of the promise we’ve made to our customers.