Q: Can I cancel, add or modify the order I just placed?

A: You may able to cancel or modify an order, so long as the status of the orders states “In Progress” . You can lower the quantity of your order or delete each item anytime. However, once the status changes to “Ready to Ship”, you will not be able to cancel or modify the order. Your current order status can be found in log into your Madly Organic account.

Q: Can I track my International Airmail order?

A: Yes, if you want to find your current status and location, log into your account and click order status.


Q: Can I return a product I received?

A: Yes, unopened products can be returned to us, in 30 days. Go to order history and print out the packing slip and place inside with the product in the box that you will send it to us. If you want to get refund earlier, please take a picture of product that you want to return with your order number. We will process the refund right away with proof of purchase.


Q: My shipping status remain on “In Transit” for a longer than usual, is there a problem?

A: Some products (dried fruit, nuts and seeds such as quinoa or chia) have a chance to be verified by custom service which will cause delay of delivery.

Q: Is there a way to avoid my product to be delayed?

A: If you want your product to be delivered without delay, you can separate the products which can cause a delay from the custom service.

Q: Can I send my order to an APO/FPO, P.O Box?

A: Yes, we do ship order to those address.